Fourth part of H.E. Ambassador Kirill Barsky’s interview to Matichon Weekly Magazine

What are the prospects for the next era of China and Russia relations?

China is Russia’s reliable and trustworthy strategic partner. Our relations today are at their best. From June 9 to 10 Mr. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia will visit Beijing to discuss with President Xi Jinping our cooperation in security, trade, investment, science and innovations, education, culture as well as foreign policy coordination. After their bilateral talks Putin and Xi will take part in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Qingdao where they will meet leaders of other member states – India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Moscow and Beijing see eye to eye on all major global and regional issues. On April 23-24 Russian Foreign Minister Mr. Sergey Lavrov visited China and exchanged views with his Chinese counterpart on Korean Peninsula, Syria, Afghanistan, multilateral agreement on Iran nuclear problem etc. These talks reaffirmed that the Sino-Russian partnership serves the anchor of stability in the turbulent world we are living in.

With China we have established a solid foundation for a fruitful bilateral work. It is based on a mechanism of Intergovernmental commissions in the spheres of mutual interest from trade and investment to military and technical cooperation. Cultural and people-to-people exchanges are on the rise – Cross-Years of Russian culture and Chinese culture in China and Russia are held annually. Collaboration in the sphere of tourism has led to a record high level of travels both ways. Every year more than 1.5 million Chinese tourists visit Russia.    

The new era of relations between Russia and China is in fact being born before our eyes. Closer cooperation in all spheres, including defense cooperation, energy alliance, trade liberalization, cutting-edge technologies etc. corresponds national interests of our two countries. Even more so, the uncertain international environment is making our collaboration with China not only desirable, but absolutely indispensable.

How will Russia support China’s “One Belt, One Road Initiative”?

For Eurasia as well as for the whole world integration is a dominant of the economic development. Its integral parts are liberalization of trade and strengthening of transport connectivity. The «One Belt, One Road Initiative» global project meets these objectives the best.

Russia is actively harmonizing the Chinese «One Belt, One Road Initiative» with our Eurasian integration project promoted by the Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan).

Agreement on trade and economic cooperation between China and EEU has been finalized and will be signed shortly. The Russian Ministry of Economic Development and the Chinese Ministry of Commerce have launched a feasibility study on Eurasian Economic Partnership. In bilateral trade with China the EEU member states are switching from US dollar to national currencies.

We are working with our Chinese friends on ambitious infrastructure projects including  high-speed Moscow-Beijing railway, West China  Europe land road corridor, Northern Sea Route, building the «Strength of Siberia» gas pipeline and expanding «Eastern Siberia – Pacific ocean» oil pipeline etc.

Russia believes that the implementation of the «One Belt, One Road Initiative» in conjugation with the Greater Eurasia Economic Partnership will help to boost economic development of all countries of Asia and Europe.




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