Third part of H.E. Ambassador Kirill Barsky’s interview to Matichon Weekly Magazine

How can Russia contribute to the Korean peace process?

First of all Russia welcomes the recent meeting between the leaders of the DPRK and the Republic of Korea which has important symbolic significance, and concrete agreements that were reached during it. The Panmunjong Declaration signed by Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in is an important and substantive document opening a new chapter or even as it states «a new era of peace» in inter-Korean relations.  

Talking about Russia’s role or possible contribution to the Korean peace process I should start by mentioning that Russia is determined to continue searching for solution to all the problems of the Korean Peninsula in the most proactive manner. We are pleased with the fact that today’s settlement process is following the road map proposed by Russia and China in July 2017. Successful progress towards normalizing the situation became possible due to the efforts of the Russian-Chinese tandem, which invariably advocates a peaceful, comprehensive and phased solution to the problems on the Korean Peninsula.

It is our firm belief that the roadmap should be followed. The six-party talks must be resumed to review all the problems in the region, including the nuclear one, and ultimately to form a reliable security system which would take into account the legitimate interests of all the countries concerned. We believe that the six-party process remains not simply the best but the only institutional framework for such talks. Therefore, Russia’s assistance in the Korean settlement process will come in the form active possible participation in collective efforts. 

We also intend to revive the work on establishing trilateral cooperation between Russia, the DPRK and the Republic of Korea as we continue to implement inter-Korean economic and infrastructure projects mentioned in the Panmunjom Declaration. Both Koreas are positive on the prospects for such cooperation.





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