Education for Foreigners in Russia

Russian universities offer several types of education. Firstly, there is full-time attendance, when you need to be present at the university classes during the day. Secondly, there is the evening option, when you attend classes in weekday evenings and weekend days. Thirdly, you may choose part-time enrolment, where students listen to introductory lectures and subsequently study at home in accordance with a specially developed curriculum, and then come to the university to pass tests and exams. There are several levels of higher education: You can study in programme that award a Bachelor's, Specialist, Master's, or Postgraduate Degree as well as professional training programme or career advancement programme, or you can simply come to study Russian.

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  • How can I come to Russia for studies?
  • What do I need to do for it?
  • What papers are required?
  • What should I do if I do not know Russian?
  • How and where will I live?
  • Will anybody else from my country learn along with me?
  • Where can I learn about medical insurance and security?
  • What do other students think?
  • What diploma shall I be awarded?


Answers to these and many other questions you can find in Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Kazakh, Chinese, Arabic, Mongolian and Vietnamese at!

Explore "Admission and teaching of overseas students" inside "Education in Russia" section for what's necessary to become a student and what common rules and requirements there work - in short, everything one should know to successfully enter an educational institution in Russia.

While section "Russian Language" tells you where to learn it and how to prove your competence in it, section "Where to study in Russia" represents Russian educational establishments in the ABC order to make fixing the right university or college more convenient for you. 

"Practical tips" offer helpful pieces of worldly wisdom for everyday use: here you will learn how to make yourself in Russia at home; and should you be interested to look up some facts about the country, or learn what other students think about it, just visit "Russia Fact file" section.

Look through the "FAQ" to find what others asked. and discover a community of your compatriot mates in "Alumni and students' communities".

Moreover, there is a forum, where our experts willingly clear up any peculiarities of a relevant topic and where you can discuss it with other users of the site.

Welcome to the united multinational family of students in Russia!




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