Russian Ambassador talked to News Agency RIA "Novosti" about success of rescue operation


Bangkok, July 10. RIA “Novosti” News Agency

Russians have been anxiously watching the developments in the Northern Thailand where a search and rescue operation was conducted in order to find and save 12 schoolchildren, players of the local junior football team and their coach trapped in a 10-kilometer-long cave by a sudden flood, said on Tuesday Russian Ambassador to Thailand Kirill Barsky. 

“All the staff of the Russian Embassy in Thailand and Russians living in this country anxiously followed the course of the rescue operation. The story incited a strong response in Russia as well. Throughout all these days we have been receiving offers of help and relaying them to our Thai colleagues”, said the head of the Russian diplomatic mission. “At the initial stage of this drama the Russian Ministry for Emergencies of Russia proposed to send a rescue team to Thailand upon receiving an official invitation from the Thai side,” reminded the Ambassador.

“We also sent to the relevant Thai authorities a proposal of the Don State University of Technology regarding technical solution of the problem of water and food delivery to the people blocked inside the cave.” “A group of professional rescuers from Crimea informed the Embassy that they were ready to arrive at the area of the rescue operation and to join it at their own expense. There were other offers and suggestions from Russians too,” Barsky told RIA “Novosti”. 

“Of course today all of us are extremely happy that the operation is successfully accomplished,” the Ambassador said.

He expressed hope that the young football players and their coach will recover from what they have lived through and get back to normal life very soon.

“We will continue to follow their recovery process. We look forward to receiving good news from Chiang Rai in the coming days. But today I would like to congratulate everyone on the long-awaited success of this unique search and rescue operation,” said Barsky.

12 teenagers, members of the “Wild Boars” Thai local junior football team and their coach were announced missing on June 23. They entered a 10-kilometer-long Tham Luang Cave and found themselves separated from the entrance by a sudden flood. The search lasted for 10 days. The children and the coach were discovered alive, but seriously weakened of starvation. The rescue operation lasted for three days. On Tuesday the last boy and the coach were evacuated from the cave.



Bangkok, July 10. RIA “Novosti” News Agency

The Russian Embassy and Russians living and working in Thailand want to offer the junior athletes, who have been saved from the flooded cave, some gifts related to the ongoing FIFA Football World Cup in Russia to make them happy, Russian Ambassador to Thailand Kirill Barsky told RIA “Novosti” on Tuesday.

According to the FIFA statement made on Tuesday a trip of the young Thai football players to Moscow to watch the final match of the World Football Championship will not be possible due to the necessity to observe a lengthy medical quarantine and rehabilitation of the members of the “Wild Boars” Thai local junior football team and their coach. They spent more than two weeks in a flooded 10-kilometer-long cave separated from the entrance by the water.

“Our diaspora in Thailand and the Embassy staff have lots of ideas on what kind of souvenirs from the FIFA World Cup could surprise these brave children and make them happy after they suffered so much. Now we are considering different options while our compatriots are coming up with more ideas,” said the head of the Russian diplomatic mission.

Barsky stressed that the Russian Embassy took note of the invitation to the final match of the World Cup to be played at the “Luzhniki Stadium” in Moscow on July 15, which FIFA had issued to the members of the team and their coach.

“The decision to invite the boys was announced by FIFA President Gianni Infantino. But even before that Russians residing in Thailand and we, Russian Embassy officers, had been discussing the possibility to organize such a trip for them. Certainly, we would be ready to render our assistance and facilitate sending young football players to Moscow with the permission of their doctors. However the need for a lengthy medical quarantine and rehabilitation does not seem to allow this great idea to be materialized,” he said.




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