With a view to the forthcoming presidential election in Russia to be held on March 18, we would like to draw the attention of journalists and our citizens who will be out of the country on the voting days. That was not a slip of the tongue on my part since March 18 is not the only day on which voting will be open. A number of citizens can vote early while abroad. The Russian Central Election Commission’s site posted detailed instructions on how to vote if one is abroad and is a Russian national. On our part, we would like to specifically underline the information on the voting procedure for Russian citizens abroad. We posted instructions at the Foreign Ministry’s official site on voting procedure for citizens of the Russian Federation who permanently reside or are currently outside Russia, leaving the territory of Russia on private invitations for business, work-related or tourist trips, for Russians who are staying abroad as guests, on business or on a travel tour, and also for Russian citizens who will be en route while voting is open. One can find a detailed list of polling stations outside the Russian Federation, and contact information including addresses and hotline numbers. Everything has been double-checked and posted.  This work was done very carefully since all our foreign missions were involved. If this appears to be insufficient and any additional questions should arise, we are always ready to promptly respond to them.  

We urge all voters who are going to be abroad on those days to carefully read the posted information. We keep repeating this because, unfortunately, information is spread in social networks either by accident or maliciously to the effect that it is practically impossible to vote while on a short business trip or travel tour abroad due to bureaucratic hurdles, allegedly requiring that one register with the consulate and present a whole package of documents. Another myth is that two to three months are needed to obtain documents for voting. None of this is accurate. Everything is done as quickly as possible. It is not a matter of months or weeks. Detailed instructions on how to do it are published in the official resources of the Russian Foreign Ministry, diplomatic missions in respective countries; all the necessary information is first of all published on the official site of the Central Election Commission of Russia.

I saw a post on the internet whose author was endorsing one of the candidates, noting that he would certainly vote for him but unfortunately he will be in a European capital on that day, and since gathering the package of documents will take several weeks, he will not be able to vote. You are able to vote in this case. It can all be done quickly and promptly. All that is required in the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.

Let me repeat that step-by-step instructions are posted on the official resources of the Foreign Ministry of Russia.




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