Dear friends!


You are already familiar with the Russian Ambassador to Thailand. Now it is time to introduce to you the Ambassador’s cat who helps him to do his job.

His name is Bucephalus. His nickname is Busya. He is a simple cat without any pedigree. We found him in the street when he was only three weeks old. We brought him to our Moscow apartment and called him Businka which in Russian means “a little pearl” because that smoky kitten had blue eyes looking like pearls.

Today Busya is five. He has grown from a tiny Pearl into a huge handsome black male cat proudly bearing a name of the legendary black war horse of Alexander the Great – Bucephalus. Like the Alexander’s “brother in arms” he has got a slim body, a large head, sharp ears popping as buffalo horns (“bucefalo” is translated from ancient Greek as “ox-headed”) and big eyes beaming as two green lights. He carries himself in a lordly way as Lion King, feeling kinship with a king of beasts, and in full accordance with his noble name.

Bucephalus is not just pitch-black. He is all black, from the nose to the tip of his endless fluffy tail. Our cat boasts splendid silky fur of incredible length. It seems that among his ancestors there were Siberians.

At home Busya behaves as a boss. His duty is to keep the order. The vigilant cat wakes everyone up at a daybreak (if he does not oversleep himself), and in the evening he insists that everyone goes to bed on time (by his own example).

When we leave home – some go to the office, some go to school – or disappear for several days Busya stay in charge of the house. Besides, our cat plays the role of a watchdog as a part time job. If he finds disorder somewhere, he loudly demands it to be immediately rectified.

Bucephalus has an obvious talent to cure illnesses. He knows who among his near and dear needs help. Using his secret medical skills the cat can easily treat any sickness, let alone cheering us up.

Among virtues of our cat sports achievements occupy a special place. Bucephalus is a cool athlete (his favorite sport is track-and-field, in particular sprint and high jump). He is also a natural-born hunter. In the morning he often demonstrates to us his hunting trophies. Most frequently they are small geckos, but sometimes he grabs cockroaches too – in tropical climate all kinds of fowl get into villas from time to time.

Busya is a highly intellectual cat. He does not only understand human language but has no problems in communicating with his fosterlings holding meaningful discussions with them. When the Ambassador reads documents, the cat is always around – in case there is a need for his advice. Sometimes he deems necessary to lie on papers or books or to walk on a computer keyboard. Such actions significantly facilitate creative process and render great help to everybody.

Bucephalus also contributes a lot to the strengthening of friendship between Russia and Thailand. The beauty and grace of this cat charm all the guests of our residence while his amicable nature does not recognize borders.

Busya is a source of joy and an object of love. He takes it for granted and with dignity, following the guidance of his colleague cat Garfield from the famous Disney cartoon: “If you love me, you feed me!”



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